Everyone needs access to music!

We at GazeGuitar truly believe in the ability music has in increasing the quality of life to those who enjoy it. After reading countless studies, we found that music as a tool for therapy is an incredible way to improve peoples standards of living. However those who may need it most, such as people with mobility limiting disabilities would not have access to traditional instruments to bring them this aid. That is our mission, we want to develop tools to allow people to use their eyes to control musical instruments and bring more accessibility to music. 

What is GazeGuitar?

GazeGuitar is a simple application that is used along with an eye tracker to play musical notes. It is built to allow anyone to play without the use of their hands so people with physical disabilities will be able to jam with their friends and make music!


Simple User Interface

This is an application built for everyone. We want to make sure that people of all ages can enjoy this new activity and let it bring them comfortable usage and a fresh experience. 


Multiple Built-In Instruments

When you download GazeGuitar it doesn’t just come jam-packed with a bunch of great guitar tones, it will also include pianos, brass and woodwind instruments as well. Let us know what other instruments you want by sending us an email below.


Record and Share With Your Friends

GazeGuitar will have a built in feature that allows you to record portions of your playing and you can download these files from the application and send to your friend so they can jam with you.

In action

This is the prototype that we have built so far. You can see it being used with just the eyes demonstrating how someone who does not have access to their hands can still play with this instrument.

Who are we?

We are proudly aided in our mission by the Lakehead University business acceleration program Ingenuity Ascend.

My name is Zakary Williams, I am the lead developer behind GazeGuitar. My background is as an electrical engineer, having designed accessibility focused synthesizers for my education, and as a developer, which is my current role. My goal has always been one of inclusivity, and with my passion of music probably going back all the way to when my parents would play Super Tramp on the loud system while cleaning the house, I’ve had a lifetime to understand this. Music has been such a helpful and healing tool for me and I needed to find ways to bring it to everyone else.

I am joined by a truly wonderful scientific researcher and graphic designer, Leyla Ahmadzada. She does a great job of keeping the wheels on the wagon. She has done a substantial amount of work developing the foundational research required to bring a product like this on the market. Thanks to you Leyla. 

Special thank you to Valerie Williams for the design of our awesome logo!

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